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Build Your Own - Game Boy Advance

Build Your Own - Game Boy Advance

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Design Your Own Game Boy Advance

Customize your Game Boy Advance to match your personal style:

• Shell Customization: Choose your preferred color and your choice of design for a unique look!
• Button Colors: Select from a wide range of colors to coordinate or contrast with your shell.

Advanced Features (Drop-down Menu Below):

• HDMI Output: Enable HDMI compatibility for big-screen gameplay.
• RGB LED Buttons: Electrify your gaming with customizable, colorful LED buttons.
• USB-C Charging: Opt for a USB-C rechargeable battery for more reliable power and longer gaming sessions!

Place Your Order:
After you select all your mod options and complete your purchase, please reach out to us via Instagram DM @dksgameemporium or email to finalize your design details. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Miguel Moll
Amazing GBA!

Amazing build quality and attention to detail. I got multiple devices and each one hits hard!


I had ordered a game boy with an intricate color scheme and an HDMI port. I thought maybe to go with something not as complicated, but Dimitri assured me that he was not only up for the challenge, but it would come out beyond my wildest expectations. The result was UNBELIEVABLE! Exactly what I wanted and then some. As a classic console collector, this is a MUST buy. For me, even a must buy again!

The Best Customs Around!

I’ve loved my custom GBA since I got it! Everything about my purchase was amazing! From the communication to the shipping and handling of the GBA, and ultimately me getting to play it and enjoy it. I still keep contact with DK and get to enjoy talking games with him. Thanks again! And I cannot recommend you and your services enough!

Game boy

Really cool shell. Hope more people find this guy